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Eko Corporation Co.,Ltd. 

About Eko product


Our product is internal communication application. It brings team together and empowers them with tools for more efficient and communication. Access it all from any device, anytime.  

Eko is an award winning communication and productivity tool that empowers hundreds of thousands of people around the world to do their best work. Our platform combines chat, directory, task, and workflow into one easy to use application. Our system is built from the ground up to quickly process and deliver vast amount of data in real-time in order to meet our user's expectations in today's fast moving workplace. We value efficiency and are always looking for ways to improve our tech stack to provide the best experience to our users. Our commitment to the latest developments in React, Mobx, Node.js, and native iOS and Android frameworks allows us to iterate quickly while providing a clean, maintainable architecture that's a joy to develop on.


About Eko company

Since Eko’s founding in 2012, our main goal is to improve the lives of many around the world by empowering people with the digital tools they need to get work done. We believe that everyone, regardless of industry, background, location or company size, should be equipped with tools for faster and more efficient work. We value work-life balance and aim to make Eko a platform that drives personal productivity and efficiency enabling individual flexibility and happiness.

Eko is an international company with offices in Bangkok, New York, London and Kuala Lumpur.

We are proud to be backed by leading VC firms including Gobi Partners, 500 Startups, Siemer Ventures and Tigerlabs Ventures. Eko has raised over US$6.7 Million in funding to date.


About Eko team

Our highly diverse team, based mostly in Bangkok, Thailand, is working towards a mutual goal to build innovative technologies with the potential of transforming the workplace. We seek and accept creative, driven, and responsible team players. Our HR policy is based on the concept of “freedom with responsibility,” where policies such as unlimited paid vacation days and no formal working hours come hand in hand with our expectation for each team member to be driven by personal dedication to the product.

We give our staff and leaders plenty of space for them to learn, plan, and grow relatively autonomously (no micro-managing here). We’re very ambitious and our team has come from all over the world to join in and fulfil our vision.

We are seeking independent, diligent, and community-driven people. Our preferred candidates are quick-thinking and can bring a sharp, intelligent opinion to the table backed by diverse personal experiences.

We help our team members grow in their current roles and dream about what’s next. Eko employees are encouraged to attend events, share what they do, and take time off to learn new skills. Eko hosts startup leaders, designers, developers, and other interesting folks at our weekly Townhalls, so we stay inspired by people from different projects and industries. Our workspace in Bangkok is designed for collaboration, featuring a mix of open office areas, quiet spaces, and spots to relax.